Bonderos Fynn


Human Cleric
Basic Background = Urban city dweller. Usually found in the poorer sections of the city (whatever city that is)
I don’t have a strong campaign background in Forgotten Realms but I will be a priest of Ilmater.
Specifically I would like to be a member of a splinter sect (my own creation) that focuses on the fight against the undead. That said I will try to tailor my character towards that purpose and healing. As a priest of Ilmater, Bon seeks to continually uplift the oppressed and the dispossessed. He is always ridding himself of possessions to those in need.


Acolyte-Studied in the Slayer Chapter but left when he found the corruption within.

Personality is to try and find common ground and work with people.

Ideal is Charity towards others.

His main flaw is that he trusts in the temple hierarchy and seeks to reach elders of Ilmater and expose the corruption of the Slayer Chapter. The question he has never asked is whether the Elders are aware of the corruption or not and if they are, have they “made a deal with the devil” to keep them doing their work?

Bonderos Fynn

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